Differences of habits and language are nothing at all if our aims are identical and our hearts are open.

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6 / ?? - screencaps of Hermione Granger.

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I did NOT wake up like this!

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“Harry…I as good as killed them,” he croaked. “I persuaded Lily and James to change to Peter at the last moment, persuaded them to use him as Secret-Keeper instead of me…I’m to blame, I know it…The night they died, I’d arranged to check on Peter, make sure he was still safe, but when I arrived at his hiding place, he’d gone. Yet there was no sign of a struggle. It didn’t feel right. I was scared. I set out for your parents’ house straight away. And when I saw their house, destroyed, and their bodies…I realized what Peter must’ve done…what I’d done…” His voice broke. 
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"An’ they haven’t invented a spell our Hermione can’ do.”

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Florence the bunny rabbit is helping me get ready today! (x)

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emma watson    

hello, anyone missed me?

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