Anonymous asked: what do you think a true slytherin is really like? i've been chosen to slytherin in pottermore though i considered myself as a gryffindor the whole life.

Well, I need to admit one thing - I wanted to be a Gryffindor for a really long time, because Gryffindors are the ones who are perceived as brave and loyal and above all… good men. But what exactly does mean to be a ‘good man’? Being a good man doesn’t mean being a heroic hero who tries to save the rest of the world for the whole time. Slytherins are ambitious. Willingness to impress others is not the most important thing for them; when Slytherins set their sights on doing something, they HAVE to do it. No matter what a price is. For Slytherins, pride is something priceless, invaluable. They may seem arrogant and insensitive, but it’s all because they are so good at masking their feelings. And why do they act like this? Hiding emotions is their way of protection. Do not tease the snake, if you do not want to be attacked. Feelings are really so important to Slytherins, that they don’t want to show them to the world. Slytherins don’t want to be susceptible to injury. They don’t want to show their weakness, which doesn’t mean that they are afraid of being weak. This is their pride. Slytherins are careful and they aren’t into making a sacrifice of themselves for everyone else, like brave Gryffindors. They are loyal to their friends, the ones that Slytherins trust. And when there is a person like that, who Slytherin is ready to call their friend… A Slytherin is ready to make anything for him. Because the fact, that Slytherins aren’t as heroic as Gryffindors or some people who belong to other houses doesn’t mean that they aren’t brave too. They are. And the other thing that comes into my mind when I think about my house and being a Slytherin… Slytherins never forget about the injustice that anyone has caused them. Never. Because it’s really hard to gain the Slytherin’s trust, and when you once lose it, you can never get it back.

That’s how I see it. I hope I wasn’t too boring?

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